All About Reformer Pilates

What is a Reformer and how does it work?

Designed by Joseph Pilates to make Mat Pilates easier, a Reformer is a piece of equipment consisting of a movable carriage, adjustable foot bar, hand and foot straps, box, jump board and a half trapeze and springs.  This apparatus is designed to enable the practice of Pilates to be undertaken whilst lying down, kneeling, standing or sitting. 

The main part of this equipment is the “carriage” which rolls along tracks. An exercise is made easier or harder by adding or taking away springs which changes how hard or easy it is to move the “carriage”.  Clients can experience a whole body workout on this equipment with low impact while enabling their body to move smoothly using resistance.

What is a Reformer class?

We have a maximum of 5 participants in a class, making it easy for the instructor to be able to make corrections/ adjustments/ modifications or even give a different exercise to a client if/ when needed.

Using a Reformer enables a client to exercise gently and with low impact.  Clients will not only increase core strength, but will notice improvements in strength, mobility, co-ordination and balance.

If a certain position of moving is difficult for a client (ie kneeling), we can adjust their exercise accordingly.

There are classes available for any level of ability so clients will always have a balance of new or challenging exercises together with the familiar.

Our Reformers

We have 5 brand new Reformers from Pilates Health Equipment. all with a Half Trapeze (Tower Bar).

This means clients will be able to learn and practice Pilates on beautiful smooth and comfortable equipment. 

There are mat converters which enable clients to do mat exercises on the Reformer.  They are also equipped with Jump Boards (these allow you to do jumping type exercises lying down).  The Half Trapeze has springs with handles and bars allowing the client to expand their Pilates repertoire even more.!!!! The number of Pilates exercises and stretches that can be undertaken on this equipment is endless.

More Information?

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I invented all these machines... it resists your movements in just the right way so those inner muscles really have to work against it. That way you can concentrate on movement. You must always do it slowly and smoothly. Then your whole body is in it." - Joseph Pilates