Hand Hygiene

in shape pilates COVID-19


COVID-19 Procedures

As of Monday 18th January 2021 clients will no longer be required to wear a face mask whilst in the studio.  Please keep your distance from others while you are here.


Please keep your distance from others whilst you move to and from the Reformers.

In order to ensure there is minimal risk of contracting COVID-19 while at our studio, our goal is to ensure our clients have peace of mind knowing that In Shape Pilates are following the recommended health and safety guidelines. 

On arrival to the studio please do not enter until the previous class has left the building. 

  • Class sizes reduced to 5 per class

  • A minimum of 2 clients in a group class will be required to guarantee class running

  • 4 clients maximum in waiting area (sorry, no extras ie. children)

  • BYO filled water bottles

  • BYO towels

  • Wash your hands on entry to studio

  • Wash your hands before leaving the studio

  • Reformers to be cleaned after use, -including head rest, shoulder rests, carriage, mat, foot bar, hand straps, hand bars and springs- basically anything you have touched during your session

  • Hand sanitiser and gloves are available if required

  • Instructors will be unable to use "hands on" assistance

  • Instructors will be washing or sanitising hands after each class or equipment interaction

  • Socks must be worn to class.

  • Please adhere to the 1.5m distancing rule- we have marks in the waiting area to help with this.

  • Instructors will be following distancing rules whilst teaching classes.

We have adopted strict cleaning regimes during and after classes of the studio and equipment using recommended cleaning and disinfectant products. 

New "easy clean" hand straps have been provided for use on our Reformers.

If clients would like to purchase their own to bring to class please let us know.

Due to health and safety regulations we are unable to provide;

  • Spikey Massage Balls and Foam Rollers for release work at this time

  • Communal use "non-slip mats" which we use on the boxes etc from time to time may not be used.  Extra will be available in the studio for you to take home and bring back to class.

PLEASE REMEMBER  to stay home if you are unwell.


Please wear a mask if you feel that you are unable to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from others.

There are some links above which we would like to to read before attending your class.


Exceptions for not wearing a face covering.  1 August 2020


Brett Sutton Video re How to wear a mask. 1 August 2020