Let "In Shape Pilates" take care of you.  Our small group classes allow us to give you the attention you need to help you reach your goals. Our aim to help help you gain confidence, strength, balance and fitness needs with our Group Reformer classes.  There are classes scheduled throughout the day at levels to suit any ability and age.  No matter how experienced at Pilates, we have a class to suit.


Get Started-Group

If it's time to get started on your Pilates journey, book this class and take the first step with up to 4 others in the same position. 

Get a group of friends together if you like and come and start together.

We will show you some basic moves on the Reformer so you can see how the exercises may benefit you and grasp an understanding of how the Reformer works.

Maximum 5 participants 

Minimum 2 participants

Cost of this class depends on the number of participants $30-$75 per person.

Get Started-Private

Want to get started with Pilates?  But for your own reasons not in a group?  Then book this class.

We will take you through as series of exercises that come up commonly in a Foundation class on the Reformer to give you a great idea about what to expect when you move on in your classes.

Being a private lesson means that we can address any areas of concern for you and take the time to make any modifications and adjustments for you.  You may have as many of these classes as you feel you need.  Your instructor can help you with this decision if you are unsure of what to do.

Duration 30 mins

Cost  $80

(option to extend this class to 45 mins-$110)

Foundation Reformer Pilates

This is a gentle Reformer based Pilates class which develops an understanding of the Reformer equipment and takes you through foundation movements safely.  Suitable for those returning to Pilates after a break or for those wanting a slower paced class.  An ideal exercise  class for  seniors and beginners.

Build on your knowledge and skills of Pilates and learn fun exercises for balance and flexibility.

Maximum 5 participants

Cost $35 casual or

$300 for 10 Class Pack

Dynamic Reformer Pilates

You may wish to attend this class after having completed a series of Foundation classes.

This is a faster flowing class with added complexity of movements and exercises on the Reformer.  It is an ideal exercise class for those who are stronger, have a good technique and with good balance.

In this class you will continue to build strength of the whole body, not only core, balance and co-ordination will also continue to improve.

There is a wide diversity of exercises and modifications designed to suit/ challenge participants.

Maximum 5 participants

Cost $35 Casual or

$300 for 10 Class Pack

1:1 Pilates

1:1 Pilates is  perfect for anyone with injuries or have a more complex medical history that requires closer instruction.  We have a wide selection of exercises and modifications that we can use with our Reformers to suit a range of clients.

This class can also be taken by anyone who just prefers to work on their Pilates in private.

This is where you start to build strength and improve your flexibility and take control of your body.

Cost- $80 

Class Duration - 30 Minutes

Youth Pilates 45

This is a light hearted class filled with fun and variation for young people late primary to late secondary ages.  This class will improve general strength and flexibility.  

Our experienced instructors will show students how to use all the features of our Reformers safely.  The exercises are taught through a series of fun activities and exercises taking into account the different levels of ability and experience.

Previous "Youth Pilates" students have reported an increase in strength, of confidence/ ability in sporting activities and increased flexibility while having lots of fun in their Pilates classes.

Of course not everyone loves sport or the gym.  Pilates fits in between these areas beautifully as it teaches how to exercise in a calm and supportive environment with a focus on allowing the students to improve their motor learning.

Perfect for sporty and non sporty kids.

Classes will run on a term by term basis.

Duration 45 mins

Maximum of 5 participants

Cost approx $200 per term (depending on length of the school term)

Youth Pilates 30

There is a huge element of fun in this class as our experienced instructors take the children through a series of games and activities to teach Pilates.

This class is ideal for  children aged from 7 to early secondary school age or those with a reduced concentration time.  The benefits of Pilates for this (and any other age) are increasing their overall strength, co-ordination, concentration and mobility.  These classes are also perfect for sporty kids would would like to improve on their sports performance.

The students will all be able to use our adaptable Reformers - even the littliess.  They will be under strict supervision and parents are invited to stay of they wish.

Classes will run on a term by term basis and a full term committment is required.

Duration 30 mins

Maximum of 5 participants

Cost approx $180 per term depending on length of school term.

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