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Let In Shape Pilates take care of your strength, balance and fitness needs with our Group Reformer and Mat Pilates classes.  There are classes scheduled throughout the day at levels to suit any ability and age. Improve your mobility, strength and balance.  Reduce your back and joint pain.  No matter how experienced at Pilates, we have a class to suit. 

There is a maximum class size of 5

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Cost- $30 Casual

$250 for a 10 Class Pass


1 to1 Pilates

This class is available to those wanting to begin their Pilates journey with In Shape Pilates. 

1 to 1 Pilates is also perfect for anyone with injuries or have a more complex medical history that requires closer instruction.  The wide range of exercises and modifications suit a wide range of clients.

This is a perfect class for beginners as you learn the basics of Pilates with gentle exercises designed to introduce you Pilates at a pace suitable for you. 

This particular class shows clients how build a strong core from which one can transition into new positions and exercises. The wide range of exercises and modifications suit a wide range of clients.

This is where you start to build strength and improve your flexibility and take control of your body.

Cost- $60 

Class Duration - 45 Minutes


Reformer Pilates

In this class you will use the Reformer/Tower Bar apparatus and may be taught exercises lying down, kneeling, standing and using the box.  Our Reformers are equipped with a jump board and well as a half trapeze.

As there are a maximum of 5 participants in a class, it is easy for the instructor to be able to make corrections/ adjustments/ modifications or even a different exercise to a client if/ when needed.

Using a Reformer enables a client to exercise gently, with low impact while safety reaping the benefits of increasing strength, mobility, co-ordination and balance.

If a certain position of moving is difficult for a client (ie kneeling), we can adjust their exercise accordingly.  

Cost for all Reformer classes

$30 Casual


$250 For a 10 Class Pass

45 Minute Class, maximum of 5 participants

See below for information about the different levels of Reformer Pilates we offer- Foundation, Dynamic and IN-Tensity


Foundation Reformer Pilates

This is a gentle Reformer based Pilates class which develops an understanding of the Reformer equipment and takes you through foundation movements safely.  Suitable for those returning to Pilates after a break or for those wanting a slower paced class.  An ideal exercise  class for  seniors and beginners.

Build on your basic knowledge and skills of Pilates and learn fun exercises for balance and flexibility.


Dynamic Reformer Pilates

You may wish to attend this class after having completed a series of Foundation classes.

This is a faster flowing class with added complexity of movements and exercises on the Reformer.  It is an ideal exercise class for those who are stronger, have a good technique and with good balance.

In this class you will continue to build strength of the whole body, not only core. Balance and co-ordination will also continue to improve.

Flow of the exercises centers around control and precision, with a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit participants.



This "workout" style class has continuous flow and challenging movements without compromise to the Pilates Principles.

Co-ordinated with fun and upbeat music, this class will be sure to get your heart  racing and your muscles burning.

IN-Tensity is suitable for clients with good general fitness, high level of energy, strength and balance. 

Clients must also have a solid foundation of Pilates moves.


Come and Try Pilates- FREE

Come and Try Pilates.  In this small group you will see what Pilates actually is all about.  There is no cost to you, this class is FREE for new clients.

We will show you some basic moves on the Mat and Reformer so you can see how the exercises may benefit you.

At In Shape Pilates we will show you how Pilates will improve your overall strength, balance and flexibility with gentle. low impact and challenging  exercises.

If you have always wondered about Pilates, now is your chance to come and see for yourself \.

Class times and days vary, so be sure to call us or check the timetable for the next class.  


Pilates for Teens 13-17

This is a light hearted class filled with fun and variation for young people.

Ideally targeted at teens aged 13-17, this class will improve their core and general strength and teach awareness of their growing bodies.  

Posture can begin to change at this time and Pilates will help to correct this.  

Students will gradually learn the principles of Pilates- breathing, control, flow, precision, alignment, centring- through a series of fun activities and exercises in the mat section of the studio and on our modern Reformers.

Our experienced instructors will show students how to use the equipment safely and address any areas of concern such as;

postural issues

increasing overall strength,

improving concentration and


Of course not everyone loves sport or the gym, Pilates fits in between these areas beautifully as it teaches how to exercise in a calm environment with focus on breathing whilst concentrating on the movements.

Perfect for sporty and non sporty kids.

Classes will run on a term by term basis on a Saturday morning.

Duration 45 mins Maximum of 4 participants

Term 1,  20 Feb-27 March, 6 classes $120

In Shape Pilates Kids Muscle Strengtheni

Pilates for Primary Kids 7-12

There is a huge element of fun in this class as our experienced instructors take the children through a series of games and activities to teach the children the principles of Pilates.  They are ;







precision and 


This class is ideal for primary aged children who require the extra benefits if increasing their overall strength, co-ordination, concentration and mobility.  These classes are also perfect for sporty kids would would like to improve on their sports performance.

Classes will be held  in the mat area of the studio and also on our modern Reformers.

Classes will run on a term by term basis on a Saturday morning commencing February 2021.

Duration 30 mins Maximum of 4 participants

Term 1,  20 Feb-27 March, 6 classes $105

Class dates and prices are determined by school term dates.


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