What should I wear and bring to a class?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that is easy to move in like track pants, shorts or leggings, T-shirt/ singlet. 

It is a good idea to wear socks particularly in the cooler months.  Grippy socks are ideal which we have available to purchase at the studio if you need.

Bring a drink of water too.

How long are the classes?

45 minutes for Group Reformer and 30 mins 1:1

I haven’t done Pilates before, what’s the best beginner class to start with?

You should attend a 1 to1 class.

In this class we take you through some of the basic and common Pilates exercises we include in our lessons. There is lots to learn and we will try and keep it simple for you and work within your ability.

This class is ideal if you prefer to work on your own or if you have medical conditions or injuries that require close instruction.

The Reformer plays a major part in our classes so you will be then shown how to safely use the apparatus.

When and only when you and the instructor are happy with your level of understanding, you will be able to book into a Foundation class.  Sometimes clients will have more than one 1 to 1 class and this is discussed at the conclusion of your session.

You can have as many 1 to 1 Classes as you need/ want.

Is Pilates a good exercise class for seniors?

YES!! Pilates is a good exercise for seniors. In fact we encourage seniors with open arms.

Did you know that Pilates helps to maintain and improve your balancing skills?  It improves co-ordination, movement and overall strength.

During a Pilates class you will be using every part of your body.  This means you will move in ways you may not usually do.  One example is a deep squat movement- but lying down!!  Yes that’s right. In this move you will be completely supported by lying on your back.  You will then move your hip, knee, ankle and joints in your feet within a range that you are able/ comfortable to.  This in turn frees the joints and strengthens the muscles in these areas. 

This is just one example of how one exercise benefits by strengthening muscles and reducing the chances of tripping.

We have quite a few seniors attending classes at In Shape Pilates who have noticed many beneficial changes.

There isn't a class on the timetable that suits my schedule

Our timetable is forever evolving.  So we are open to and welcome suggestions for class times/ days that suit individuals. 

So please call Julie 0438 562535 or in touch through our Contact Us section of the website, or email.  We will try our best to accommodate requested times.

How can I check the class timetable?

You can check the current timetable by using this link.


or by clicking "Make a Booking" in the page menu above.

You can also visit our Facebook page and click “BOOK NOW” which will take you straight to the booking system and timetable.

If there is not a class that suits your own schedule, please get in touch and we will try and accommodate you.

When all else fails, please call Julie 0438 562535.

Is Pilates a good pregnancy exercise class and postnatal exercise class?

YES!!!!  Pilates is a good pregnancy exercise class and postnatal exercise class.

Exercise is recommended for most women during pregnancy (unless they are experiencing complications). 

There are certain exercises that we wouldn't give a pregnant lady- for example lying on your tummy when you have lovely big bump!!  But there is plenty we can do to help you maintain strength and flexibility during your pregnancy.

For new mums you can attend a Pilates class as part of your exercise regime gradually 4-6 weeks after a vaginal delivery, after a Caesarian delivery, 8-10 weeks. 

Please note- a clearance from your doctor will be required if

-there was a Caesarian delivery,

-medical or obstetric complications ie, low/ high blood pressure, gestational diabetes etc.

Please also be aware that during pregnancy, a woman must be well hydrated to reduce the risk of overheating during exercise.

What is your cancellation policy?

Life happens and things come up that prevent you from attending a booked class.  But, if you would give at least 12 hours notice  if you are unable to attend your scheduled class so someone else doesn’t miss out.  This will also allow us to reschedule classes and staff if need be.

If less than 12 hours notice is given then fees will be charged as follows.

-10 Class Pack clients will not be refunded their class (as the system deducts a class from the pack automatically).

-Casual paying clients will be billed $25 non-attendance fee.

We thank you for your understanding.

How can I pay for my Pilates class?

There is EFT/POS available at the studio. 

Cash is accepted.

You can also pay when booking online at


Does Pilates help with back pain?

Yes, Pilates helps with back pain.  In fact, research shows  (published from the Brititsh Journal of Sports Medicine), that for non specific back pain (pain when there is no anatomical reason for the pain such as bone defects and compression), exercise works better than massage, manual therapy and acupuncture. 

Gentle exercise performed under guidance of a therapist can develop confidence  in movement which can help a person manage their fear of pain.

For more information about this, click on this link


How can I get my balance better?

By exercising and strengthening feet, ankles, legs, hips, tummy and back, you will get your balance better.

When you do this, the mobility of the joints will also get better making you more flexible.

Pilates is perfect for all of this.

We have different sets of equipment (the Reformer and Tower Bar) and so many different gentle exercises to give that clients will never get bored of doing the same thing each time they come.


How often should I go to a Pilates class?

How often you go to Pilates is entirely up to you.

This will depend on your schedule, your budget and your goals.

We see some clients once or twice a week.  Some, every 10- 14 days.  

The more often you come to class, the quicker you will see results but there is no expectation from us.

We would love to see you every week but would also rather see you every fortnight or month than not at all.

What are core exercises I can do for back pain?

Core muscles are in your tummy, your butt, legs and upper back.

In a Pilates class there are many  core exercises you can do for back pain.

Pilates is a practice of exercising to strengthen specific core muscles.  This enables you to move better, with more confidence, flexibility and strength.

Core exercises will include stretches of torso, leg and hip muscles.  Teaching you how to perform basic movements such as reaching overhead with your arms (like putting the washing on the line )without using your back to so.

Pilates exercises can be gentle and quite vigorous too depending on the clients ability level.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

All of our Pilates instructors have a minimum Certificate IV which qualifies them to teach Mat and Reformer Pilates at a high level.

They are trained to teach beginners, advanced, seniors and pregnancy classes.  

They have a sound knowledge of anatomy to help you gain optimum results in your class.

Can I bring my child along to a class?

Life brings unexpected events, so if you need to bring your child to a class, please let us know  But as we are sure you understand, it will be up to you as parent/ guardian to ensure they do not disturb other participants in the class.

Safety of the child will be the responsibility of the parent/ guardian. 

Children will not be allowed on the equipment.

It is always a good idea to ring ahead and let us know about our extra guest.

When will I notice improvements?

You will notice improvements in your overall strength, balance and posture fairly quickly.  The changes will come about quicker the more often you attend class (and maybe you practice at home too).  Changes aren’t necessarily instant, but in a few lessons you will find you a can control your body better in the exercises, have a bigger range in movement and have a better understanding of the exercises.

You may find one day a few weeks down the track for example that your back hasn’t ached when you were in the garden, or your posture in the car is better, your shoulder pain has reduced etc. The improvements will sneak up on you.

What does a Pilates class cost?

A Pilates class costs-

  • Casual classes cost $30 for Group Reformer

  • 1:1 Classes cost $80.

  • 10 Class packs cost $250