10 Minute Pilates Planking Routine

Here we have a short video by John Garey.

Using a "typical" plank stance he adds in some leg lift and ankle flexion and extension for a bit of variety. He then switches to side side bends from the knees to challenge your balance and stretch out your side.

Next comes the Leg Pull but with bent knees to work on stabilising your hips and strengthen your glutes and legs.

Then repeat it all.

We would suggest try one repeat as some of these moves may be new to you.

If you have wrist problems this routine may not be for you.

Otherwise, give it a try, You may find your wrists ache a little but that could be because they aren't strong. They will strengthen in time.

Have fun!!!!!

Who is John Garey?

John is the creator of John Garey TV—the most comprehensive online Pilates and Training Studio available. This isn’t your typical Pilates workout. John’s passion for Pilates and love of fitness that’s fun is tangible in each sweat-inducing workout he shares from his home studio with dog Bam Bam. With over 35 years of experience in the fitness industry and 25 years of teaching Pilates, John not only reaches thousands online but has delivered his teachings to students and other instructors in over 20 countries worldwide. John is a sought after Teacher, Mentor, Speaker, and Trainer.

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