Adapting Reformer Leg and Footwork to Wall Exercises with Romana Kryzanowska

Who on earth is Romana Kryzanowska you might ask?

She was actually a student and prodigy of Joseph Pilates back in the 1940's and she went on to teach Pilates herself which I believe has filtered on down her family. Her method is very traditional.

There is a video here of her working with Joseph Pilates- it's quite old and scratchy but good to see how they used to practice Pilates back then.

The video I really wanted to show you is down below. I came across it a couple of years ago and it shows Romana teaching the entire Matwork series. There's a section where each exercise is explained in detail if you are interested in learning more about this aspect of Pilates. If you fast forward to about 16.30 mins there is a section where Romana instructs Pilates using a wall as a plank. (it only goes for 5 mins or so).

It is quite dated and the "kit" the models wear is so very 90's but the content is great. I love the way she "cues" her pupils- using her foot and her hands- not as awful as it sounds trust me!!

In the mid section (wall) part of the video you will be familiar with the wall rolldown that we have practised in class many times. She also uses the wall to look at Leg and Foot Work too. When you do this, imagine you are on a Reformer, it is mostly the same only this teaches you to focus on your balance too. Why not repeat it a couple of times?

See how you can adapt these moves at home. You can just do them as Romana teaches or use the kitchen bench for forward support and do them while you wait for the kettle to boil. You will see what I mean.

Why not try the whole video if you have the time, it will take 20 mins or so. It's not modern and glitzy but very good.

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