Christmas and Other News

Here we are a month into our second return to the studio due to "you know what".

We have seen a steady return to class by our clients and have again welcomed lots of new clients to the studio too.

Today we have some more news for you all.

The big announcement is that you no longer are required to wear face masks to classes. What a relief that is for you. You are now able to take big breaths, your glasses will no longer fog up, no more going blind as the mask slides up over your eyes.

The rules are clear though. If we are inside and cannot keep our distance, a mask is still required. Please be mindful of keeping your distance as you move around the studio before and after your class.

The other practices we have put into place still need to be followed. They include

-washing your hands on entry to the studio

-staying away if you are unwell

-maintaining the high standards you are all keeping with cleaning your equipment after your class

-wearing socks to class.

Christmas Hours.

There are only a couple of weeks left of classes before the end of the year.

Our last day will be Wednesday 23rd December and we will return to class on Monday 4th January. The class timetable at the moment is largely unchanged leading up to Christmas, but please keep an eye on it in case there are changes.

This link will take you straight to the timetable so you can start to plan the next two weeks of classes if you like.

Staff Changes

Being Christmas, Julie,

Lorri and Laura will be taking time off over the next month.

Today (Monday 7th) is Lorri's last day of teaching for the year and we will see her again in the new year.

Laura will be away for the first week in January.

Julie will be away at the end of January.

So, there may be days when you have a different teacher to the usual. You will see these changes on the online timetable.

We wish you all an amazing Christmas with your family and friends this year. I think that our "take home" from this year is likely to be not to take them for granted. Make the most of every moment with those you hold dear. Catching up with those we haven't seen much this year will be a real treat.

Bye for now

Julie, Laura and Lorri

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