COVID-19 Road Map

Today was the day I was really hoping to be sending out information about re-opening the studio next Monday, (13 September was our initial date for the end of the Stage 3 Restrictions). Suffice to say this is not the case.

In light of the announcements made yesterday by the Victorian Government we will be remaining closed for the foreseeable future.

The appointment book has been closed off for another 2 weeks (and being ever the optimist), I will extend the closure a week at a time- you just never know do you? This means that again, for anyone with 10 Class Packs, the hold on them will be extended accordingly. Doing this will mean the packs will not expire and they will be there for you to use once we get the go ahead to re-open.

So, we have no idea at this point when we will be back. Looking at the Victorian Covid info website, it does say that gyms and studios would be able to re-open with "heavy restrictions". What does that mean? No idea. This could of course mean that we may need to wait for the final stage.

I'll share a link to the chart that's really helpful in laying down all the points about we can do what etc.

I have some plans in mind about keeping us all connected and practising Pilates. Just some things to work out here in the back ground before I can let you know more.

Hopefully you have had a little go at some of the Pilates we have shared, not as much as was planned though.

Anyway, more a little later. Keep an eye on this BLOG section of the website or Facebook for links to here.

Hoping that you are all well and making the most of the glorious weather too.

Back soon.


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