Important news about our studio

One of our greatest pleasures as Pilates teachers at In Shape Pilates is to provide a space for our clients to grow; In confidence. In strength. In our community as you make friends in class. In increasing your self awareness. We see transformations happen all the time in you. And it is a privilege and delight to witness.

We are proud to be able to help you achieve all of this.

We love to have fun. We love to challenge you, our clients, and you accept that challenge and run with it.

There is no need to talk about the ups and downs of the last 18 months but it has had a detrimental effect on our business. But lucky for us, we have had your smiling faces to come back to when we have returned from closures.

At this point I feel that it is time for us to move on with our time at In Shape Pilates and see what else is out there for us in the big wide world. So I will just rip the band aid off and say it.

In Shape Pilates will NOT BE RE-OPENING.

Please do not feel sad for me or Laura and Lorri. We have had a blast getting to know you and working with you. You have become part of our own extended family, We have become so much better Pilates teachers because of you. I am quite excited about what might come up for us all.

This also does not mean that we won’t see you again in another studio, or down the street. We feel like our lovely little studio has been the platform where we can jump off now and do even better and greater things, maybe with other people, maybe doing something different in our lives. It’s not the end.

You are no doubt feeling very saddened and disappointed with this news and I am really sorry for this. But this decision feels like the right one for me.

So what happens now? I plan to keep the Facebook/ Instagram pages open and also keep your contact details too. This means when/ if any of us are up to something somewhere that we know you will benefit from, we can let you know. How does that sound?

The process of refunding your packs will also start in the next few days. I’ll be in touch individually with you if I need to get your banking details etc to complete this process.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the Reformers, please get in touch.

This whole journey of operating a Pilates studio would not have been possible without the help and support of so many people;

Laura and Lorri have both been amazing instructors to have on staff. The idea of having more than one instructor is to be able to provide clients with a different style of teaching and knowledge which I am sure you will agree has been invaluable. Not only have they delivered fantastic classes but they have helped in many ways in the background. We have become great friends. There have been many brainstorming sessions, training sessions, hand overs and sharing of other skills. And for this I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I know it would have been a million times harder to achieve what we have without them.

n8Health. What can I say? They have gone above and beyond in their help in so many ways too. From referrals to advice, trust in our ability to help “your people”, and much much more. Thankyou Andrew, Simon, Ewan, Hayley, Jackie, Alannah and the many other staff there.

Thanks to my family.

Thank you to you too. For turning up, giving it a go and inspiring us to teach you better.

Pilates just works doesn’t it? Please don’t stop doing it.

We have helped with general strength, helped clients through pregnancy and after the birth. Individual classes have been invaluable to clients with extra needs, chronic injuries, confidence etc. We have shown you that your body is capable of so much more than you may have thought possible. Some encouragement and guidance and anything is possible.

My goal with the studio was to show you that your body can and will move even if it complains sometimes. Trust it and it will do it. Keep it simple. I wanted to help to make a difference in your lives and I reckon I did it. Hopefully you do too.

So this is it.

Goodbye for now.


Here are a couple of messages from Laura and Lorri.

To all of my Pilates clients. I am sad to say “goodbye” to you all. It has been an absolute privilege to be your Pilates instructor. I have loved every moment of getting to know you and watch the progress you have all made.

I hope you all continue in your Pilates journey and that some of our paths may cross again.

Thank you for all the fun times.


Firstly a huge thank you to Julie!! Running a small business takes a whole lot of heart and soul. Your determination and persistence to keep smiling through the many challenges that have been thrown at you over the last couple of years is to be admired and appreciated.

Thank you for allowing me to grow and develop my Pilates knowledge and skills in such an inviting and caring environment with Laura and with the wonderful clients.

Secondly, thank you to the many lovely people who I have met over the past two years at In Shape Pilates. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my love of Reformer Pilates with you!


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