New "5 CLASS PACK" and survey results

In Shape Pilates will be re-opening Tuesday 10 August after a short "version 6.0" break.

Thankyou to the many clients who took the time to complete our short survey in the last week.

From the results we have gathered valuable information about;

  • timetabling,

  • cancellation times,

  • which type of class packs clients would consider purchasing

  • why they come to In Shape Pilates

  • how they like us to communicate with them and

  • any other feedback.....


We have a NEW PACK available now for you to purchase.

5 Class Pack -$150. This is a half version of the 10 Class Pack in price. So you still have a saving of $5 per class. It is valid for 6 weeks. Sometimes it is tricky to save up for the 10 Class Pack (especially with work a bit hit and miss at the moment for some of you). This new pack is available now to purchase in the studio or online.

We have another pack in the pipeline too. It will be a pack which allows you to attend up to 4 classes per week. $65 per week paid via direct debit. The direct debit system is currently being set up and as soon as it is we will let you know. So watch this space.

Some of the results from the survey.

Firstly, people come to In Shape Pilates mostly because of the community we have established here and they love the sizes of the classes too.

They thought the instructors were knowledgeable , non-judgemental, welcoming and deliver classes that are challenging but also adapted to various skill levels. Interaction in class with other clients was good, lots of variety with exercises and they felt stronger too.

This is precisely what we have been aiming to achieve. Looks like our hard work is paying off.

CAN YOU PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH JULIE (0438 562535 or if you have requested specific days/ times on the timetable? We did not capture clients details and we would love to hear more specifically about what you are after here. We will see what we can arrange for you.


If you do, we would be happy to have a chat with them and see how we can help them with improving movement and strength. There may be opportunities for a friend to come to class with you. We would love to reward you for your efforts with a class "on us" if you can refer a friend/ family member to us for classes.

Please ask us about this after class or a phone Julie (0438 562535).

Some comments from our clients,

"The program each week is varied - but also may include the same exercises where the level of difficulty increases- keeping motivation high as we accomplish the end result. The instructors are friendly, dedicated, fun and motivated in seeing each of us succeed".

"Teen Pilates has helped me to reach sporting PB's which I didn't think was possible to achieve. It has really improved my adolescent posture and my confidence as well. I look forward to Laura's class every Saturday!"

"It is a very friendly and supportive environment"

Thank you to everyone once more for your survey input.

More importantly, thanks for turning up to class each week. It has been a trying time to say the least for all of us and maintaining some sort of routine has been near impossible at times. We love to see your smiling (and grimacing) faces in class. We love to see you improve in so many ways you probably never thought even possible.

See you in the studio

Julie, Laura and Lorri xx

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