New COVID Restrictions

Our studio will be closed Friday and Saturday this week (16/17 July) due to the current COVID lockdown.

Any clients with classes on these days have had their classes rescheduled and an email sent to them.

It may be possible that Regional Vic may have restrictions lifted a little earlier, therefore, we have not yet changed any of our classes next week. If we do, clients will be notified directly.

So, in the meantime keep moving. you know it always feels better. Its good to keep the joints moving, get the endorphins going to make you feel good, keep your muscles strong.

So, go for a walk, run, bike ride within your 5km limit or do some Pilates.

You could practice your Teasers, Leg Circles, "Dying" Swans (hehe). Plenty of time also to work on your Rollovers-feet over you head.

With any luck we will see you all again next week.

Julie, Laura and Lorri.

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