Teaser and Bridge Homework

These are making a regular appearance in class lately amd yes they are tricky, and no they may not always look like that, YES you can GIVE IT A GO.

Start like this

…. then sweep you hands along the floor towards feet and reach up to the ceiling with hands and feet.

Then come back down in reverse .

Maybe you sit up and reach hands, or maybe it’s only the feet . Practice practice.

Now for a Pelvic Curl into a low Bridge

Roll up to shoulders then roll down a few times.

Now roll up and stay there and see how high up you can press your hips. Try to keep your hips as still as you can. To make this a little harder you can press you hands to the ceiling. Having feet and legs closer together will also make it harder. Keep them wide if you need to.

Now bring a leg to table top…

and stretch it to the ceiling.

if you prefer to lower and lift your bent leg that is an easier way to build up this exercise . In which case don’t do the next bits.

The straight leg can be pulled towards to wall behind you….

Then pressed to the wall in front of you which reaching as far away as you can.

See how you like these. Lots of options here. Have fun and let us know how you go.

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