Time to get moving!!!!

We hope that you have all been well and looking after yourself since we closed on 5 August. Guess what?

We have a "GREEN LIGHT". Time to get back to Pilates.

After nearly 3 months we are able to re-open our Pilates studio.

The date has been set for Monday 2 November.

We are presuming that no-one has really been on a Reformer for a few weeks, maybe walking has been your thing. For this reason, as we did last time, all classes will be at a Foundation level. This is to keep it nice and easy for everyone and will help to prevent injuries. Dynamic level classes will be added in the near future.

The timetable has a few classes at the moment and as demand allows we will add more for you.

1:1 Classes have also been added for anyone who wishes to start their Pilates journey with us, or if you just want a class to yourself.

If you are looking for a specific day or time for a group class or 1:1 class that is not on the timetable, please get in touch with Julie 0438 562535 and we will try our best to accommodate you.

All 10 Class Pack have been on hold for the duration of this closure. The holds have now been removed and the system is ready for you to make online bookings if you like.

If online booking is not for you, please call Julie 0438 562535 or email a request to

Housekeeping-(as before)

-Please bring and wear your mask to class ( you may remove it momentarily to drink and gasp for air as you need to)

-When you enter the studio, please wash your hands in the bathroom

-All equipment must be cleaned by you at the completion of the class

-Stay 1.5 metre apart

It is going to be so good to see all of your smiling faces again- even if it is behind a mask!!

Just like riding a bike isn't it? All the same things we did last time.

Please, as always call Julie or email if you have any questions/ queries at all.

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