Try a Plank

The plank! This is a popular exercise in Pilates and is a position that strengthens your core and gives your whole body a workout. A plank tones arms and legs, and especially the shoulder, back, and abdominal muscles.

How to perform a plank: * Balance on your forearms and toes with the body in one straight line, elbows directly under your shoulders. * Relax your shoulders and engage your core, pulling your abs in and up. Think about a pelvic tilt ie. pulling your pubic bone upwards.

Holding a plank for too long can cause pain if you have existing back problems or weakness because when your muscles get tired, the stomach sags down and puts pressure on the lower back. So please, ensure you focus on drawing your belly button towards your spine and think ribs to hips while holding a plank. If you need to, decrease the time and aim for 15-30 seconds then increase your hold as your core strength builds.

There are many variations with a Pilates Plank so watch this space for for about that.

We would love to hear how you progress with your plank.

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