Week 2 Homework

Here are a few exercises for you to do at home. Maintain upper body strength also by adding a tricep dip from a step/bench

Today we have Arabesque and A Leg Pull )with options). See how you go, in fact why not leave us a comment for some feedback.

Start with a nice stretch (Arabesque)

If you want more of a stretch down your back, bend the arms a little.

Stretch your leg as long and as far away as you can.

A good add on is to bed the knee then rotate the hip to the ceiling

Now press into the chair with your hand on the same side for a really big stretch down the side.

Try also putting hands together (to one side ) for more stretch -feet on the floor though.

Now Leg Pull

There are options here if the full version is not for you. Let your arms, ha fd and shouldera do some weight bearing work here. You have been practicing this type of thing in class now keep it up. This is the full move.

Start like this

Options if being on your hands doesn’t work for you.

Or this….

Good luck.

Stay tuned for more homework. X

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