Winter News- July 2021

It's been a wee bit chilly of late which is a fantastic reason to keep moving.

It is so tempting to sit an hibernate at times or stand next to the fire instead of going for a walk, coming to Pilates, the gym, riding a bike etc.

When you do make the effort to move your body it feels so much better. A clearer head, more energised/ enthusiastic, feel strong- and keeping away from the pantry too!!

With the last COVID lockdown, school holidays and cooler weather it has been a little quieter in the studio as clients (and instructors) do other things for a little while- like go on holidays and enjoy some time with family and friends.

Now it's time to get back to it.

We have the next term of Youth Pilates 45 recommencing this weekend. Five students are beginning or continuing to enjoy the benefits of Laura's really fun lessons on the mat and Reformer too. We have had reports back form some of our participants that there has been an improvement in school sports, concentration and just feeling better in themselves. What more could we want?

If you are interested in finding out more about these classes please take a look at the website info here.

The whole team (Julie, Laura and Lorri) are all back on deck once more. We also have a Pilates student from Breathe Education (BE) attending the studio regularly as she completes her observation and practice teaching at our studio. In Shape Pilates is a mentor studio for BE and we are super happy to have Lorelle around and look forward to sharing our skills and knowledge with her.

In a couple of weeks (25 July) we will be increasing the prices for our casual classes and 10 Class Packs for the first time in over a year.

PRICE LIST (from 25 July 2021)

Casual Classes $35

10 Class Pack (14 weeks expiry) $300

1:1 Pilates- 30 mins $80

Semi Private (Duet Class) -30 Mins $80 (40 pp)

-45 Mins $110 (55 pp)

Get Started Private 30 mins - $80

Get Started Group 45 mins $30-75pp

Youth Pilates 30 and 45 $180+/ term (depending on term length).

If you are nearing the end of your 10 Class Pack you may want to consider purchasing your next one before the increase of you can.


We have a couple of returning new mums back to the studio. They had attended Foundation and Dynamic classes during their pregnancies this year and now they are back to continue Pilates once more.

Here is a picture of Bree and baby Jack (9 weeks old) on the Reformer. We think he remembered the feeling of Leg and Footwork and as you can see he was completely relaxed about the whole thing.

What you teachers are doing in the background-

We like to meet as often as we can. When we do, we share ideas on some exercises we have been teaching in class or discuss any new information we have come across. From this we can make a plan for something we want to target/ manage differently in class eg osteoporosis/osteopenia exercises, pregnancy modifications, particular exercises etc.

There are many myths/ older practices about how to teach Pilates and we are continually updating our knowledge and skills in how to teach you best.

Our aim is to teach you in a way that you are able to find your own way through an exercise (eg enabling you to explore spring choices and how you move, giving you lots of options etc).

We love to set you a challenge. The looks on faces when we demonstrate a seemingly trickier move for the first time. We give layering options. You practice over and over again and get better at it. We all clap and cheer your achievements. Then before you know it, you are doing the whole move! We have many proud moments.

Some of our clients have particular conditions/ restrictions etc that we need to keep an eye on. Because of this we record this information and/or discuss with other instructors as they need to know this information.

In a nut shell we like to look after you if/ when you need it while setting you challenges you can be proud to achieve to help you reach your goals.

If there is ever anything you would like us to include in a class or an area of the body you would like to work on specifically, please tell us. We can always adjust a class to fit it in for you.

As always, we look forward to seeing you next in class.

Julie, Laura and Lorri.

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